04/02/09 //

Well, its practically spring break here in Las Vegas, but my travel plans are rather limited.  Between myself and colleague Brian Penkrot, we’ve been organizing all of the events for the 2009 Nevada Encounters of New Music Festival, in addition to the poster and program design, rehearsal and volunteer schedules, transportation and equipment. It should be an extraordinary event, with both professional and student composers visiting from many different areas.  I’ll be having a new work performed on the 11th at the festival, and then an old (relatively) work for Horn & Electronics performed by UNLV Horn Professor Bill Bernatis performed on the 22nd.  Additionally, I’ll be conducting the UNLV Brass Ensemble for the world premiere of Vasava on May 1st.

I was also recently accepted to the six week Brevard Institute of Music and Summer Festival as a composition fellow, and thanks to the generosity of both the institute and UNLV I’ll have almost the entire trip including food and housing covered financially. Prior to that, I’ll be spending 6 days in Tokyo, Japan to attend rehearsals and the world premiere of A Zarzuela & Other Lost Works. The performance by the Tad Wind Symphony, a professional wind ensemble, will be conducted by Takayoshi “Tad” Suzuki, an incredible musician whom I have great respect for, and the honor of studying with this year.


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