So, you’ve decided to start a blog…

This has probably been a long time coming. I’ve rather inconsistently written articles in the past for my own websites strictly in regard to composition, but now that I am leaving the country in a matter of hours and my correspondence with many of you will most likely be quite intermittent, I thought it would be nice to do something more regularly.

I would like to think of this as a journal of sorts, both for my own benefit as a way to collect my thoughts and experiences, as well as for anyone interested in keeping up to date on my activities while I am abroad. I’ve never kept a legitimate journal before, and I expect that it will be a little rough out of the gate but I hope to get into the habit of doing this regularly. Those of you that know me well enough (or at all) can expect that it is likely (or certain) that these journal entries will be primarily in regard to composition, but I hope to cover other aspects of my experience in Germany as well.

If this even remotely peaks your interest (and I hope that it might), please feel free to subscribe or discuss/comment as a means of keeping in touch with me. I appreciate the support and encouragement from each of you, and I hope that you’ll be hearing more from me soon! (and vice versa)
Thanks so much,
– Jason


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