Arrival in Frankfurt

So after two full days of travel, I arrived late last night in Frankfurt only to find that the airline had lost one of my bags (the larger of the two), containing all of my audio equipment as well as most of my clothes.  Thankfully, assuming that they track it down it should be delivered directly to the Universität in Marburg, which simplifies my travel plans for today in Frankfurt and enables me to see a bit of the city.

Found my way to the Hostel easily enough, which is surprisingly nice and accommodating.  There are MANY americans here in the common rooms and the dominant language is certainly English.  The location (in the red light district) is not as bad as the reviews had stated, there were a handful of crackheads and whatnot, but none of them were particularly threatening.  Had a nice Döner Sandwich and was propositioned by some “night workers” before heading back for the night (alone, just to clarify).  Also met a highly intelligent British, Buddhist Theology professor that teaches in Marin, CA and is currently on a cycling tour of Europe that was having an interesting conversation with a British student.

I have to say that the highlight of the evening, was when some American yahoo strolled into our 8-bed dorm room at 3 in the morning and began pacing around the room, wishing each of us a good night and that he would allow us to go off to slumber land (choo-choo!), merry christmas, asking us to cooperate with each other, and so on for nearly 10 minutes.  I thought we were going to be shanked and robbed.  The first thing that occurred to me was that I wished I had my field recorder on me.  Honestly, it was like something out of A Clockwork Orange.

I am greatly looking forward to arriving in Marburg later this afternoon and hopefully meeting the staff and the rest of the Fulbright fellows.  There’s an orientation of some sort this evening which should give me a much better sense of how the next six weeks will pan out.  Thanks for reading.

– Jason


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