Work in Progress…

Over the winter break, I’ve been working on the first movement of my “First Study for Alto Saxophone: doublethink” for Michael Rene Torres, to be premiered in March at the Biennial National Saxophone convention in Tempe, Arizona.  Pictured below is the first page of the preliminary continuity sketch, which was preceded by a large harmonic blueprint for the entire work utilizing spectral analyses of each stable multiphonic on Mike’s Saxophone (there are about 40), and two opposing matrices a quarter tone apart that are again “bent” microtonally (this page uses about 1/20th of that blueprint).  I’m currently about 5 minutes into the piece and feeling good about the direction it has taken.  I feel this is quite radically different from anything I have written in the past, and as far as I am concerned this is a fantastic development.

I am working to get this wrapped up ASAP to begin work on a new piece for Piano & Live Electronics in collaboration with MacArthur “Genius” Award winner artist Anna Schuleit (click to view some of her artwork).  The project is part of Eastman’s “Benson Forum on Creativity”, and involves a sort of back and forth process in which four composers (including myself) will write music based on original artwork commissioned for the project based on our own input. In response she will create 4 new paintings, one based upon each composition, and then we will again respond to these new paintings with a second movement.  All of the works will be performed in April by pianist Daniel Pesca here at Eastman in Hatch Hall.

I will also be collaborating with the SoundExchange orchestra here at Eastman to compose a new work for the University of Rochester Dance Department, also to be premiered in April.  I’ve been keeping very busy these last few months, and there are loads of other new developments as well so stay tuned!


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