I built a wooden box.

First improvisation with my homemade amplified box built using 2×4′ (3/4″) wooden planks, metal screws, hooks, tacks/studs, various springs of different weights and sizes, three contact microphones, and two condenser microphones.

If you have a short attention span and/or love bows, skip to 3:29 or later!

This instrument was built for my first percussion quartet, a work in progress, (commissioned by Iktus Percussion), and will be used alongside a variety of prepared snare drums, kick drums, bass drums, congas, wooden and metal simantras, brake drums, cymbals, wind gongs, tam-tams, singing bowls, drinking glasses, bamboo and lightbulb chimes, glass bottles, garbage cans, thunder sheets, roto-toms, bongos, hi-hats, brass sheets, finger cymbals, thundersheets, metal chains, ratchets, guiro’s, coins, chopsticks, knitting needles, bows, mallets, and triangle beaters.

These recordings will be incorporated into a catalogue of sounds including improvisations with each of the above instruments, which will then be sequenced using both intuitive and algorithmic processes in computer software before transcribing and developing the material into precise musical notation.

This recording has not been processed or modified in any way, the raw audio was fed from the three contact microphones and two condensers, and simply panned as they are positioned and synchronized with the video. No reverb, delays, equalization, or other adjustments were made other than limiting the very loud attacks, such as those made with the drinking glass, and boosting the overall volume.

The finished work is scheduled to be premiered in New York City in 2013.

For more information, please visit: http://www.jasonthorpebuchanan.com


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