Selected to write a work for Alarm Will Sound to be premiered at the Mizzou International Composers Festival

I’ve been selected to write a new work for internationally acclaimed 20-member ensemble Alarm Will Sound, which will be premiered during the 4th Annual Mizzou International Composers Festival, in July 2013.  I couldn’t be more excited about this opportunity, and I intend to write them a hell of a piece!  At the moment, I’m hard at work in Rochester on a quartet for Iktus Percussion, which will also be premiered in 2013.  Next week, I’m heading to Bloomington to visit my good friend Michael Walker and IU Horn professor Jeff Nelsen to make plans for a Concerto for Two Horns that I will be writing in the late Spring/early Summer, and last but not least I am making plans to write a work for 13 musicians and live electronics for our very own [Switch~ Ensemble] here in Rochester, also to be premiered in 2013.  Just updated the site with recordings, video, program notes, etc., and the video from my most recent performance in Philadelphia with ensemble39 is included below for your listening and viewing pleasure! Heading back out there in February for a recording session with them, and will also be recording Asymptotic Flux: First Study in Entropy here in Rochester in January.

– Jason


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