3 new works, Artist-in-Residence Bergen, Norway

I’m here in New York for a few more days before shipping off to Europe for the summer, and I’m very glad to have finished three brand new works in the last 90 days since completing my Double Concerto that will all be premiered at festivals this summer in Italy, Israel, and Germany.

Quintet PNGs_Page_1Quintet PNGs_Page_3 First up is the premiere of oggetti I (omaggio a sciarrino), at Chamber Music Campania as composer-in-residence with the Fiati 5 wind quintet, featuring Alice Jones, flute, Lauren Blackerby, oboe, Benjamin Haeuser, clarinet, Christina Dioguardi, bassoon, and Mike Walker, horn. The work is the first in a series of miniatures for wind quintet.

Nikel Trio 06.11.2014 SCORE FINAL_Page_09Nikel Trio 06.11.2014 SCORE FINAL_Page_03
Second will be antistasis with Ensemble Nikel at the Tzlil Meudcan International Contemporary Music Festival in Tel Aviv with Patrick Stadler, Brian Archinal, and Antoine Francoise on July 7th, alongside works of Mark Andre, Brian Ferneyhough, Alex Mincek, and Abel Paul. The work is broken into two parts by a strong formal division, with material from the first half gradually penetrating the gaps in violent, stark, and unrelenting gestural ostinati. This contrasting material eventually deteriorates completely, overtaken by the opening gestures.

And last but perhaps most exciting will be the preliminary sketch of the first completed scene for Sult (Hunger) at the Darmstadt Contemporary Opera Workshop in August, a multimedia opera in collaboration with poet and librettist Darcie Dennigan that I will be working on over the course of about 18 months. The initial sketch for Darmstadt is for three singers and instrumental sextet (Ensemble Interface), though it will be expanded to include several more roles for singers/actors, additional instruments, electronics, and video projection. SULT 06.01.14 FULL TRANSPOSED SCORE FINAL for IMD _Page_27 SULT 06.01.14 FULL TRANSPOSED SCORE FINAL for IMD _Page_23

I’m extremely happy to have just confirmed my acceptance as Artist in Residence at USF Verftet in Bergen, Norway for a three month period in Fall of 2015 for the final stages of the project, where I will complete the full score and electronics while working with a cinematographer to film the primary visual elements for projection. It is very exciting to be taking the next major steps with this project, and I’ll be thrilled to see what Darcie invents for the rest of the libretto! More updates soon from Europe as these projects develop, I’ve never written so much music in such a short span of time, and it will be exciting to hear them all come together very rapidly in the coming months!


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